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At Oral Design Mexico, our entire dental specialists team develops your personal treatment plan, along with dental technicians working under the same roof. Our team has excellent academic formation and interpersonal skills, all of them speaking fluent english. Read more about our specialties:


Smile enhancement can have great effects on your overall appearance; even the lightest cosmetic correction can boost your confidence and make you want to smile more. Our cosmetic procedures range from teeth whitening/bleaching over esthetic metal-free fillings, crowns, and bridges to the application of porcelain veneers.

The difference between an aesthetic procedure versus a cosmetic one is substantial. Cosmetic clinics aim to the upcoming beauty trend that focus on improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, while an aesthetic treatment aims to give the patient the best natural look, resulting in an improved, but seamless transformation.



DentalImplants 1 - Treatment

When a tooth is missing or damaged so much that it cannot serve its function in the chewing process anymore, neighboring and antagonist teeth tend to shift, which can cause even bigger occlusal imbalance. A titanium implant replaces the dental root and allows for restoration of a single tooth (with a crown), several teeth (with a bridge placed over 2 implants) or even a complete implant-supported denture for a full-mouth restoration.


Veneers 1 - Treatment

A veneer is a very thin porcelain covering which masks minor flaws in your front teeth like stains, scratches or gaps. We adhere it to the façade of your tooth with resin. The resin hardens via photo polymerization, i.e. the application of a special light that gives it the hardness to be permanently attached to the tooth and take a fully natural appearance.


CrownBridge 1 - Treatment

Crowns replace the natural tooth, more precisely, the visible part of it. If a tooth is severely damaged by caries or an accident, but with the dental root still in good condition, we can design an artificial crown on top of the stump to resemble the natural crown, with regard to esthetics and functionality. Crowns can also be placed on implants (see below). Our crowns are manufactured from a variety of materials, including (precious) metal, porcelain, and zirconia


SpecialSurgery 1 - Treatment

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons not only place implants. They also perform many kinds of complex dental/facial surgeries, predominantly extracting teeth including the infamous third molars or taking biopsies needed for the analysis of certain diseases like cancer. We also offer bone graft, which can be necessary before placing implants, and orthognathic surgery to correct malposition of the jaws. Of course, we work with local anesthesia, but also provide IV sedation upon request.


Endodonthics - Treatment

An endodontic (or root canal) treatment becomes necessary when a tooth’ pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves) has been inflamed or infected with caries. We will remove the caries, the nerve and other tissue of the pulp to stop the decay and ache. The pulp cavity will then be disinfected and filled with suitable material; an esthetic crown or filling finishes off the root canal treatment.


Periodonthics 1 - Treatment

Periodontic dentistry identifies and treats diseases affecting the tissues and structures that surround your teeth, as the gum and the tooth-bearing bones. Research suggests a relationship between some chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease and periodontal disease, which is why an appointment with our periodontist will not be limited to a thorough analysis of your teeth, gum and bone, but also include a review of your overall health.


imagen 17 - Treatment

Orthodontic treatment corrects teeth malposition, usually with braces or other mechanical aids. Treating irregularities of your bite not only makes your smile look more attractive but also protects your teeth from unnecessary abrasion and proximal caries which tends to develop in areas with limited interdental space. Contrary to common belief, you are never too old for orthodontic treatment!.


FullMouthResto - Treatment

When a patient require intervention in several teeth in both, the upper and lower arches, a series of Dental Procedures can be done to fix serious dental problems and enhance aesthetics. If you are suffering from malocclusion issues, severe caries, decay or missing teeth, you may be a candidate for a Full Mouth Reconstruction. This process might take more than one visit to our dental clinic..


Whitening 1 - Treatment

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that almost anyone can use to brighten their smile. We employ a variety of techniques of whitening/bleaching, most require only one visit to our clinic. The treatment always starts with teeth cleaning and an examination of your mouth to determine if it is suited for this procedure.


Dentures - Treatment

Dentures and overdentures are the typical “false teeth”. A denture is an artificial substitute for missing natural teeth and adjacent tissues; an overdenture is a removable (partial or complete) denture that rests on one or more remaining natural teeth (stumps) or on dental implants. Our clinic and laboratory staff have handled some of the most complex cases of full-mouth restoration in Mexico, we have developed a total of six different anchor systems to attach dental prosthesis to implant structures, so be assured that we will find the perfect solution for you.